People who love their cars love Blammo PLUS®!  Blammo  PLUS® is so unbelievably versatile that it can be used to do everything from giving your car or truck a routine detail, to degreasing engine parts, cleaning up when the work is done, and everything in between!   Like your vehicle clean?   Blammo PLUS® is all you need to have your car or truck looking spotless!  Blammo PLUS® works wonderfully on windshields, awesome on upholstry, rediculously well on rims, and its perfect for paneling!  Blammo PLUS® will have every inch of your interior looking immaculate!  Need to get under the hood?  No problem!  Simply increase the concentration of Blammo PLUS® and watch it’s degreasing power go to work, turning engine parts from grimey to shiny in almost no time at all!  Best of all, since Blammo PLUS® is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and non-flammable, not only can you use it to clean up your mess when you’re done, you can also use it to wash your hands!  If ALL THAT isn’t enough, you can even throw a little bit of Blammo PLUS® in your washing machine to get rid of any unwanted stains on your clothes!  Think about this.  ONE PRODUCT is VERSATILE enough to handle the entire job AND cleanup, STRONG enough to clean up spilled oil, and SAFE enough to use on your bare hands.