Super Cleaner

What is Blammo?

A One Stop Shop

Blammo products are the true universal cleaning solution. One product to do it all!

It’s Concentrated

You can make up to the equivalent of 64 bottles of standard strength multi-cleaner!


Made from non-toxic ingredients, its contact safe and non-lethal! Finger licking good, but still don’t drink it!


Sorry mobsters, you’ll have to stick to gasoline, lighter fluid, kerosene, or brake fluid and pool cleaner!

What Can Blammo Be Used For?

Home & Commercial

(Windows, Plexiglass, Mirrors)

Heavy Duty Laundry

Furniture (Wood & Cloth)

Refrigerators & Microwaves

Ovens & Stoves

Toilets & Showers

Ink & Toner Stain Removal

Painted Surface Cleaning (Walls!)

…And More!

Floors & Grounds

Carpet Stains & Maintenance







…And More!

Car, Boat & Industrial

Rust Removal

Upholstery Maintenance

Road Tar Removal

Metal Surface Restoration

Vinyl Stain Removal

Rim & Tire Cleaning

Water Stain Removal

Painted/Treated Surface Cleaning

…And More!

Why Use Blammo?

It’s Eco Friendly

One bottle of concentrate can prevent dozens of plastic bottles with harmful chemicals from being improperly disposed of. Fewer circulated bottles means up to 64x less shipping requirements, leading to lesser transit emissions. Not to mention the impact on plant and wild life!

It’s a Space-Saver

Think of all the more space you’ll have when your inferior Windecks, 402, Kloroks, Ayjax, Oksy Clean, & Mr. Mussle products (all names mentioned are purely fictional and coincidental) are out of the way, and you only have your attractive and effective bottle of Blammo smiling up at you when you open that under-sink cabinet!

It’ll Make You Better

Friends and family will want to visit you more. You’ll be known as the “clean” friend with a welcoming home. And since you’ll be active cleaning constantly with a massive smile on your face- you’ll naturally begin to lose weight and get into shape. You’ll be the king or queen of your social circle and get invited to all of the fanciest dinner parties your community has to offer.

Thank you, Blammo, you’re the best.

What Can’t Blammo Do?

With all of its multi-strength dilution capabilities, Blammo Plus has a wide range of surfaces and materials for which it can clean. Increasing or decreasing the concentration of Blammo in your dilution should provide the ideal product for your use.


However- unlike 99% of cleaning products out there, us here at Blammo care about our customers and their well-being. With that said, in order to save you the damages and constant self-questioning, we’ve compiled a list of things Blammo should not and/or cannot be used for.

Extending the 5 Second Rule

Tattoo Removal

Whitening Bread

Changing Tires

Cleaning Up Rap Lyrics

Pet Resurrections

Hair Bleaching

Cheating on Homework

Recycling Used Chopsticks

Brushing Your Teeth

Cleaning a Dirty Martini

…And Not Much More!


Where Can I Buy this Amazing Blammo Product?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We currently sell Blammo Plus in a variety of sizes- all of which are priced to knock all competitors out of the cleaning cabinet! Remember, you can use Blammo in infinite strengths for any type of cleaning purpose.

Cleaning your tile floor or table?
Use one cap-full per 32 ounces.

Don’t want the tile at all?
Use it straight (NOT RECOMMENDED!).

Current Sizes We Carry

2oz Sample Bottle

32oz Single Bottle

3x 32oz Bottle Pack

12x 32oz Bottle Case

More sizes and product lines coming soon!


Start saving money, the environment and our families from hunger today!

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