It’s Concentrated

You can make up to the equivalent of 64 bottles of standard strength multi-cleaner!


Sorry mobsters, you’ll have to stick to gasoline, lighter fluid, kerosene, or brake fluid and pool cleaner!


Made from non-toxic ingredients, its contact safe and non-lethal! Finger licking good, but still don’t drink it!

A One Stop Shop

Blammo products are the true universal cleaning solution. One product to do it all!

Get Some!

2oz Sample

The 2oz Sample Bottle packs quite a punch!
Each 2oz bottle can be diluted down to 4- 32 oz bottles of general cleaner!


32oz Bottle

Over $300 worth of cleaner!
One bottle can make 64 bottles of standard 32oz general cleaner!


Get Some MORE!

3x 32oz Bottle Pack

Over $900 in cleaner!
Save when you buy the 3 Pack of Blammo PLUS!


12x 32oz Bottle Case

Save 50% by purchasing Blammo PLUS by the case!
Each case contains 12 32oz bottles of cleaner!


Congratulations, you’re one step closer to a better life!