Carpet Stain Remover

Chances are, if you have carpet in your house, you have come face to face with a nasty stain to clean up. Even the most clean and careful person on the planet can fall victim to a spilled drink, a mischevious pet, or rambunctious group of children. With such a multitude of ways to leave unsightly stains on your carpet, you have to be ready for anything. That is the beauty of Blammo PLUS®! From spaghetti sauce splatters to stuck-in gum, Blammo PLUS® has a unique, concentrated formula designed to tackle whatever you can throw at it. Our patented formula penetrates and breaks down stains on a molecular level, leaving carpet as clean as the day you bought it!  Not only is Blammo PLUS® great for spot cleaning occasional stains, it can also be used in conjunction with a steam cleaner to power through even the grimiest of jobs. No stain is safe when you have Blammo PLUS® on your side!